New Investor: Grameen to launch local microfinance program

The problem - despite its prosperity, Australia still has unsolved areas of social and economic disadvantage. The traditional methods of charity and government have limitations and Social Business is not established as a viable alternative.

The solution - is to design businesses that solve social problems – also known as Yunus Social Business.  Social Business is a viable business with the primary aim of solving a social problem. Unlike a charity, a Social Business generates profit and aims to be financially self-sustaining. Removing the need for continuous fundraising allows social businesses to reinvest profits back into generating impact.

Grameen Australia aims to take Social Business mainstream in Australia by scaling and starting up social businesses and advising socially-minded institutions on how to do the same.

Our primary role is supporting existing, early-stage social businesses who have identified a social problem but require capital, mentoring, access to networks and professional services to achieve their goals. Grameen Australia works closely with the corporate, government and education sectors to cause them to fund, create and scale social businesses.