A Social Business has the following features:

1. It is a business that solves social problem

2. It is a financially viable business

3. It recycles all profits back into the business to scale social impact instead of financially bolstering investors

4. Unlike philanthropy, a social business investor can recoup up to 100% of their capital (but no more)

5. It has equal or better pay and working conditions as its commercial counterparts

6. It aspires to gender parity and is environmentally friendly

7. It inspires all around it to do it with joy!

Why do we need social business?

Australia is a prosperous society. But we still have many areas of disadvantage. The traditional models of solving social problems, such charity and government, do fantastic work, yet have limits. Charities are at risk of donations drying out. Large process-oriented structures make it hard for governments to respond quickly to rapid change.

Grameen Australia and social businesses are different. Social businesses do not rely on continuous donor funding. It aims to be financially self-sustaining which eliminates the need for continuous fundraising and instead the profits are reinvested back into generating social impact.