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@grameenaust back in Clarence Valley with Bendigo Bank to look at the potential for microfinance to change people's… https://t.co/5uOqwrGs7F

Dec 12th

Grameen Australia
CHRISTMAS: A time to find solace through the shared experience of giving – will you share in a common humanity this… https://t.co/B6b4wdCABJ

Dec 12th

Grameen Gazette

Grameen Gazette #41






A time to find solace through the shared experience of giving – will you share in a common humanity this Christmas by giving to our inspiring families?

Click HERE to read about Evita’s journey from housemaid to entrepreneur

Grameen Gazette #40

Gazette40_CaseStudyEducational Access increasing at our Manila Social Business Hub


Social Business momentum growing in Australia and around the world


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Grameen Gazette #39








Social Business Day 2017 asked “Can Wealth Concentration Be Stopped?”

Yes it can – Social Business can promote a Shared Vision of Humanity

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Grameen Gazette #38



The Inaugural AUSTRALASIAN SOCIAL BUSINESS FORUM showcased the social business innovation underway … and … called on Australians to get involved to turn this nascent movement into a revolution

The Forum brought together the best disruptive thinking from across the social sector, business world, academia and government to address the causes of social and environmental inequality and degradation. The event demonstrated that action can take place immediately to drive change.

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Grameen Gazette #37

The end of the Financial Year offers the chance to use your tax dollar to change lives.

Grameen Australia is changing the lives of some of the most disadvantaged families

– a hand up, not a hand out – 

so they have the power to escape poverty permanently

GazettePhoto1 GazettePhoto2


Can you help us now:
  • Social Business Hub, Manila – a $150 loan provides a mother with the capital to build her own business and our research indicates she will spend it on her children’s education and repairing her family home.
  • Livestock Training Centre – as the Centre expands we need to build infrastructure so that we can scale our program to impact to more than 150 families through the development of village-based rearing programs.

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Grameen Gazette #36









News from Grameen Australia: 

  1. AUSTRALIA: Prof Yunus Key Sydney Lunch Highlights – Social Business can overcome Social Inequality in Australia
  1. WORLD: The role of Social Business in the ‘Berlin Charter: One World No Hunger, Future of the Rural World’

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Grameen Gazette #35








Nobel Laureate Professor Yunus talks to the Sydney Morning Herald about why growing inequality is a ticking time-bomb

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Grameen Gazette #34












Nobel Laureate Professor Yunus joins the Panel on the ABC’s Q&A on Monday

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Grameen Gazette #33

Grameen Australia Banner




yunas strip





LAST SEATS AVAILABLE for Major Business Lunch with Nobel Laureate Professor Yunus in conversation with the SMH’s Peter Hartcher

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Grameen Gazette #32

Grameen Australia Banner

yunas strip









Grameen Australia and the Australia-Israel Chamber of Commerce are delighted to extend an invitation to you to attend a special business lunch with Nobel Laureate Professor Yunus in conversation with the SMH’s Peter Hartcher

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Grameen Gazette #31

Grameen Australia is delighted to announce Nobel Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus will join us in Australia in April 2017
We extend you an invitation to attend the
In Melbourne on 6th April 2017

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Grameen Gazette #30







Foundations in place for significantly increased Social Impact – Can you Help us Make it Happen?

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Grameen Gazette #29

CSB-SDA training workshop1A letter from our CEO updating on our latest developments at Grameen Australia in the Philippines

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Grameen Gazette #28



The Generosity of our Volunteers is Inspirational and


Grameen Australia continues to be overwhelmed by the incredible generosity of the volunteers that support our work. Our volunteers donate their time and skills whilst managing the multiple demands and challenges of their full-time jobs.

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Grameen Gazette #27

Grameen Australia at radio station Triple H FM to thank listeners for supporting its social-impact business eradicating poverty in Manila communities


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Grameen Gazette #26

Grameen Australia supported Social Business thrilled to be collaborating with Philippines Conglomerate Aboitiz and winning Green Design Team


Grameen Australia’s Sewing Social Business in TayTay honoured to be chosen by the winners of the Aboitiz “ECOTURE: Greener Design for a Better World” challenge as the beneficiaries of their prize money and program development commitment

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Grameen Gazette #25



Like many of our borrowers, Juanita runs multiple businesses to generate enough income to support her family. Her small store serves as the outlet for her mixed business, and office for both her rag making and school food supply business


Your End of Financial Year Tax Deduction could fund a loan for another woman like Juanita – just $100 is enough to start a business that will ensure a family’s life is changed permanently.

Our borrowers are now able to send their children to school, fund their health needs, purchase nutritious food and live in a safe and secure home

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Grameen Gazette #24

Analeen-1Manila Social Business Hub is now impacting at least 10,000 lives

The recent release of Grameen Australia’s 2,000th loan at our Manila Social Business Hub marked a significant milestone towards our mission of helping to eradicate poverty in the slums of Manila.

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Grameen Gazette #23

The Age article highlights why our microfinance model works 


Grameen Australia hosted a visit by leading financial advisor Catherine Robson to our Social Business Hub in Manila.

Catherine witnessed firsthand how we work with our poverty-stricken borrowers to ensure their commitment to changing their lives is supported through training in proper financial management and business development.

Catherine’s experience inspired a powerfully relevant article in The Age focused on how our simple yet effective model is the core for all financial activity in both the developing and developed worlds!

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Grameen Gazette #22

TFN Sydney100316PC-094 (1)Grameen Australia appeals to our supporters to match the generosity of strangers

We are challenging you as part of the Grameen Family to match the funds we raised from The Funding Network Pitch. Last Thursday generous strangers gave us $65,100.


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Grameen Gazette #21

Juliette's House (1)CHRISTMAS APPEAL

Help us empower today’s poor to become tomorrow’s entrepreneurs.

As the holidays approach, we at Grameen Australia reflect with gratitude on the year that has passed and look ahead with hope to the year to come.

In this season of giving, I’d like to share a story about Juliet, owner of a sewing business in Manila

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Grameen Gazette #20

Our Expert Volunteers are Invaluable and Incredible

Our expert volunteers are incredible – they are leaders in their fields with many competing demands on their time – and yet they join us on the ground to share their invaluable knowledge. With their support Grameen Australia is able to deliver real change in the lives of families in Asia.


Expert Volunteers Ian and Kelly with the Chicken Farm Team, CEO Duncan Power and Board Member Paul Murnane

FullSizeRender (2)

Expert Volunteer Stuart with Social Business Hub Staff

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Grameen Gazette #19

Version 2

Grameen Australia joins the team at radio station Triple H FM to talk about poverty eradication and how Australian communities are playing a key role supporting communities at Grameen’s Social Business Hub in Manila

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Global Social Business Summit Invitation


Grameen Australia invites you to join us at the Global Social Business Summit (GSBS) in Berlin on 4-6 November 2015

“A charity dollar has one life, a social business dollar has endless lives”

Professor Muhammad Yunus

“GSBS is a gathering of people that want to change the world and the way companies and organisations impact the world”

Emmanuel Faber – CEO Danone and partner in the establishment of Grameen Danone


The Global Social Business Summit will attract up to 1,500 participants from more than 60 countries, and will provide access to some of the most innovative international thinkers.

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Grameen Gazette #18



Grameen Australia’s poverty eradication efforts profiled by Australia Philippines Business Council


Grameen Australia is delighted that the Australia Philippines Business Council (APBC) has chosen to profile our important work supporting communities in Asia to overcome poverty in its Featured Articles.

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Grameen Gazette #17

YolandaSurvivor_RosarioCaviteThanks to your support we have changed the lives of some inspiring entrepreneurs


there is so much more to be done

 It is through our donors’ generosity that Grameen Australia has been able to support our inspiring entrepreneurs to escape the endless cycle of poverty – and the empowerment of these people has much broader impact as they can now support their families with sufficient food, health and education thereby securing their future.

BUT Grameen Australia needs your support to empower even more inspirational entrepreneurs to ensure the eradication of poverty permanently.

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Grameen Gazette #16


Fundraising Appeal

It’s been a year of great growth and progress at Grameen Australia. Professor Yunus’ visit to Australia last September was a great inspiration to us and hundreds of others. Our social businesses in Cambodia and the Philippines, and our advisory work in Bangladesh, are training and self-employing hundreds of bright, capable people who, by accident of birth, are living in the some of the world’s poorest places.

Will you help us continue our important work so our committed, hard-working and inspirational entrepreneurs can escape poverty?

  • $75 supports 10 women in business training and 12 weeks of mentoring
  • $150 provides a first time loan to a new entrepreneur
  • $350 provides a follow-on loan to a proven entrepreneur
  • $900 funds a group of 6 new entrepreneurs
  • $1,500 provides a social business loan

Average 6-month repayment period means that each loan helps 10 entrepreneurs in 5 years.

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Grameen Gazette #15


  We Are Not Job Seekers
  We Are Job Givers
  Professor Muhammad Yunus, 
  Nobel Peace Laureate


The large Australian delegation including university students, academics and the Board and key staff from Grameen Australia joined over 1,600 delegates from 30 countries including Ambassadors from France, Sweden, US, China, Britain and a senior government representative from Malaysia in Dhaka for Social Business Day 2015 (SBD), under the theme ‘We Are Not Job Seekers, We Are Job Givers’.

Professor Yunus opened the 5th SBD with the words “Human Beings are go-getters – that’s the essence of human beings”. He called on the audience to see the label unemployed as ‘casting a spell’ that takes away dignity and the sense of possibility. He challenged the audience to redesign their thinking processes to see people as go-getters, as the way to rid the world of unemployment permanently.

 Professor Yunus asked the audience to focus on Three Big Zeroes

1) Zero Poverty

2) Zero Unemployment

3) Zero Net Carbon Emissions

The Tools to drive this fundamental change are:

o) Young People

o) Technology

o) Social Business

o) Good Governance

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Grameen Gazette #14

Meet some amazing Grameen Australia Supporters



We are incredibly grateful to our supporters who make a meaningful difference to the lives of our beneficiaries through volunteering their time




Volunteers Capture their Experiences

  • My internship with Grameen Australia-Philippines in Manila was unlike anything I have ever experienced.  I had the opportunity to work on real social enterprises, explore incredibly diverse communities as well as work alongside truly inspirational people. Vinuri, Sydney
  • Working with Grameen in the Philippines was, to put it simply, the best month of my life. Sarah, Australia
  • ‘It was definitely an eye-opening experience. It will certainly unleash one’s inner potential to be a productive member of the team. Shiela, Manila
  • The entrepreneurs taught me that every little thing is an opportunity and if you work hard with others, then you can do truly spectacular things. Eddy, Sydney
  • I hope many people will be aware of Grameen’s mission of empowering women with less or no financial capital at all and I encourage them to volunteer in GAP. Pricilla, Manila
  • My time at Grameen Australia Philippines was one of the most memorable of my life. The loan recipients are treated not as victims, but as business owners only in need of some seed capital and business skills to become successful. Andrew, Sydney


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Grameen Gazette #13

Grameen Australia celebrates its work with women on

International Women’s Day


Make It Happen is the call for 2015 International Women’s Day on Sunday 8th March.


Grameen Australia is Making It Happen in Manila and Cambodia where we work to empower our borrowers and farmers through the provision of training and mentoring towards income generation to escape poverty permanently.

Can you help us #makeithappen for more women like those in the link who are finding their own path out of poverty with support from Grameen Australia?

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Grameen Gazette #12

Opening of Japan Automechanic School = Training and Income for disadvantaged youth in Dhaka



Grameen Australia Executive Director Duncan Power welcomes the new students

Grameen Australia is delighted to announce the opening of the Japan Automechanic School. The first 10 students commenced their two-year training course on 16th January 2015.

The students were selected from 100 applicants all of whom submitted to challenging practical and written tests and a formal interview. Criteria for selection included that they be from the very poorest backgrounds with family income below USD 150/month (USD 5/day).

Key Program Parameters

  • Provide marketable skills to disadvantaged and marginalised youth through vocational training and hands-on experience, together with social support
  • Provide ongoing support and follow-up to youth who join the employment market after graduation
  • At capacity the School will provide training for 100 students per year with 200 students living at the School each year as they complete the 2 year program
  • Sustainability of the School and its programs will be built through successful management and marketing of the Workshop services to the public.


Please click HERE to read more …

Grameen Gazette #11


Our social business programs are changing lives in some of the most disadvantaged communities in Southeast Asia. The families we work with are at least DOUBLING THEIR INCOMES, thereby freeing them from poverty permanently.

Help us change more lives this Christmas – donate to Grameen Australia’s poverty eradication programs in the Philippines and Cambodia

  • $50 = 40 chickens to escape scavenging
  • $200 = microfinance loan to overcome poverty


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Grameen Gazette #10

Gazette10_1“Human beings are not money making robots, they have many dimensions including selflessness  –  selfless business is social business”

Professor Muhammad Yunus

400 of Sydney’s business leaders, government representatives, academics and university and school students were enthralled and inspired by the words of Nobel Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus at the Grameen Australia/Asialink lunch on 10th October in Sydney. He articulated his mission to challenge humanity to turn accepted practices on their head:

“All human beings are entrepreneurs, they just need the opportunity … human beings should be job givers not job seekers, it is ideas that create jobs”

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Grameen Gazette #9


First Microfinance Loans released by Grameen Social Business Hub in Manila using new Mobile Phone Banking Technology

We are delighted to announce that Grameen Australia’s Social Business Hub in Manila released the first microfinance loans in mid September. 14 women from the Silanganan Centre in Caloocan City received a total of PHP 94,000 (USD 2,137) with an average loan of PHP 6,714 (USD 153) to enable these disadvantaged women to fund their own micro-businesses ranging from food and garment retailers and cooked food vendors to peanut butter production.

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Grameen Gazette #8

Gazette8Launch of Microfinance & Social Business Hub brings together Community and Business Leaders to support poverty-stricken communities

The Grameen Australia Chair, Peter Hunt officially launched the Grameen Microfinance and Social Business Hub in Manila on 25th February 2014.

The Grameen Microfinance & Social Business Hub is a ground-breaking initiative that is combining microfinance with education and mentoring to very poor people living in the Manila informal settlements to help them develop income-producing businesses to alleviate poverty.

Community members joined business leaders from Manila and Sydney, partner organisations and religious pastors to discuss how the establishment of Social Businesses can drive sustainable change for families and communities.

The Launch was coordinated by Grameen Australia’s Executive Director Duncan Power and the new Philippines Country Manager Cris Delgado. It highlighted “community entrepreneurs” with innovative ideas who will gain access to the business and skills training and the capital they need (sometimes as  little as AUD 150) to expand their businesses into social enterprises that can provide a sustainable future for both the owners and poor community members they employ.

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Grameen Gazette #7

Gazette7Emergency Aid and SAFE Appeal to re-establish Education and Livelihoods

Emergency aid including tarpaulins, solar lamps, blankets and used clothes have helped to ease the overwhelming hardships still being faced by the poorest families in Ormoc. Most of these families are living amongst the debris of their homes and lack electricity and other basic supplies. Persistent rain is exacerbating an already poor situation for many.

The provision of emergency aid is only the first step in providing families with the support they desperately need to re-establish their lives and livelihoods. The three key elements of the SAFE Appeal will provide essential support to empower families to educate their children and rebuild their homes and businesses.

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Grameen Gazette #6

Gazette6Can you HELP a child get an education or a family rebuild their life and livelihood.

Thank you very much to our generous donors who have supported the purchase of 300 tarpaulins for the most severely affected families in Ormoc City where rain is continuing the misery for many who have lost their homes. In the City 191,000 people have been recorded as affected and 80-90% of infrastructure has been destroyed.

  • Children have lost family members, including parents.
  • Families cannot return to destroyed or seriously damaged homes.
  • Businesses have been decimated with damage to buildings and loss of stock.

It is one month since the Typhoon ravaged the Philippines and the government confirms that the magnitude of the destruction means total rehabilitation will take three to five years. Families need support to help rebuild their lives and livelihoods.

To effectively respond to this extreme need, Grameen Australia and Fundacion Grameen Pilippinas (FGP) have developed an innovative program to provide long-term solutions for those most severely impacted.

SAFE Appeal

  • Adopt a Child’s Education – link local families in need with families’ abroad who can adopt the tuition of a child at the tertiary level until he/she earns a degree.
  • Micro-Credit for the Self-Employed – micro-loans of P5,000 (A$135) to self-employed households to rebuild their business and earn income.
  • Credit for Shelter – loans of up to P20,000 (A$540) to rebuild or repair shelters and homes of the most affected poor.

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Grameen Gazette #5

Gazette5As an Update to our Gazette #4 last Thursday – the need is still very urgent and we are directly helping survivors of Typhoon Haiyan, especially in Ormoc.

You will recall Grameen Australia is working directly with Fundacion Grameen Pilipinas (FGP) especially around the isolated city of Ormoc, the neighbouring city of Tacloban, on the devastated island of Leyte.

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Grameen Gazette #4

Gazette4The whole world has been shocked by the path of destruction left by Typhoon Haiyan and dismayed by the extent of the tragedy that is still unfolding as aid workers arrive in the worst effects areas in central Philippines.

Grameen Australia has decided to partner with one of our local microfinance partners Fundacion Grameen Pilipinas (FGP) who we know well, to coordinate our recovery and development activity

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Grameen Gazette #3

In this edition of the Grameen Gazette our focus is on an important step towards helping those in great need.

Launch of the Grameen Microfinance Business School in Manila

Key Program Parameters

  • Established as a Social Business with full sustainability within 3 years
  • Borrowers receive small business training prior to the release of loans
  • Based on successful pilot with 600 borrowers
  • Ongoing advice in development of new income generating social businesses for the poor

Gazette3The Grameen Microfinance Business School in Manila has commenced the first step towards supporting 1,200 “poorest of the poor” urban squatter dweller families to escape the cycle of poverty.

The project commenced on 31st August in a small hall in the squatter community of Silanganan with 25 women and men committing to an 8-week formal training program that should change their lives permanently.

Click HERE to read more …

Grameen Gazette #2

This edition of the Grameen Gazette focuses on a recent special event hosted by GFA and attended by 50 guests.

“Social Business as a Tool to empower the Poor to climb out of Poverty”

The event highlighted how GFA is aiming to change the microfinance paradigm through the use of business principles in the Not-For-Profit Sector. GFA is developing social businesses that will become self-sustaining in their own right, whilst also mentoring beneficiaries towards the development of their own sustainable small businesses.

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Grameen Gazette #1

Welcome to GRAMEEN GAZETTE, the inaugural E-Newsletter from GFA – the organisation empowering people to change their own lives through the implementation of innovative Microfinance and Social Business projects.

As a friend of GFA we hope that our E-Newsletter will become your regular source of news and information regarding a range of important issues including:

  • Our ground-breaking activities in some of the most disadvantaged and deprived regions of the world, and how we are making a real impact
  • Latest developments in philanthropy
  • Community development initiatives that are making a difference.
  • Insights into the motivations and actions of active Philanthropists and Social Investors
  • And much more ….


In this first addition of the GFA Newsletter, we are proud to highlight our attendance at the Ceremony awarding the US Congressional Gold Medal to Professor Muhammad Yunus in Washington on 17th April 2013. The award is a significant honour for Professor Yunus and Grameen in recognition of many years working to alleviate poverty.

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Annual Review 2012

The Grameen Foundation Australia Annual Review for 2012 outlines our activities over the year

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