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Grameen Gazette #14

Meet some amazing Grameen Australia Supporters



We are incredibly grateful to our supporters who make a meaningful difference to the lives of our beneficiaries through volunteering their time




Volunteers Capture their Experiences

  • My internship with Grameen Australia-Philippines in Manila was unlike anything I have ever experienced.  I had the opportunity to work on real social enterprises, explore incredibly diverse communities as well as work alongside truly inspirational people. Vinuri, Sydney
  • Working with Grameen in the Philippines was, to put it simply, the best month of my life. Sarah, Australia
  • ‘It was definitely an eye-opening experience. It will certainly unleash one’s inner potential to be a productive member of the team. Shiela, Manila
  • The entrepreneurs taught me that every little thing is an opportunity and if you work hard with others, then you can do truly spectacular things. Eddy, Sydney
  • I hope many people will be aware of Grameen’s mission of empowering women with less or no financial capital at all and I encourage them to volunteer in GAP. Pricilla, Manila
  • My time at Grameen Australia Philippines was one of the most memorable of my life. The loan recipients are treated not as victims, but as business owners only in need of some seed capital and business skills to become successful. Andrew, Sydney


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