What is a legacy donation?

Gifts in Wills play a vital role in the work of not-for-profit organisations. Leaving a legacy is a fantastic way to ensure that your one of our favourite organisations will be able to live on and continue their positive work.  

Leaving a legacy donation to Grameen Australia will make an enormous difference to our organisation, the social businesses in our portfolio and the communities that we engage with. Any donation - small or large, can make a big difference and is something we would be most grateful for. 

How to leave a gift in your will to Grameen Australia?

Whether you are writing a will for the first time or you wish to update or make changes to your will to reflect a legacy donation to Grameen Australia, we recommend that you consult with your solicitor who will assist you in writing. 

You may find the following wording helpful when drafting your will:

I give and bequeath, free of all taxes [select one of the below for insertion into your will]

  1. The whole (or x%) of my estate
  2. The whole (or x%) of the residue of my estate
  3. The sum of $ (amount)
  4. Details of specific asset(s)

To Grameen Foundation (Australia) Limited (ACN 086 046 924 ABN 95 086 046 924) (‘Grameen Australia’) to be used for the general purposes of Grameen Australia.

Legacy donors are encouraged to draft and sign a letter outlining the reasons behind the legacy donation to Grameen Australia. This letter should be kept as part of the will. 

It is so important to Grameen Australia that you feel comfortable and confident in leaving a legacy donation to our organisation. For support from our Grameen Team please reach out to us via the Legacy Support contact below. 

Legacy Support