Heritage Projects:

The Grameen brand originated in Bangladesh in 1976 when Professor Yunus loaned $27 to a very poor woman. It is now internationally recognised for its ‘best practice’ quality and sense of urgency in providing tools to help the poorest lift themselves out of poverty. Grameen Bank now serves more than 7 million poor families with loans, savings, insurance and other services. In 2006, Professor Yunus and Grameen Bank jointly received the Nobel Peace Prize.

Grameen Australia, as part of the Grameen family, is able to access the vast expertise and experiences of the broader Grameen group as a means of further enhancing the effectiveness of the projects it develops.

Our Heritage videos have been kindly supplied by Danny Clayton.

We thank him for his generous support. 

Philippines – The Grameen Australia Social Business Hub in Manila Philippines is targeting the poorest of the poor informal settlement dwellers who have no access to capital. The Hub is at least doubling the income of borrowers through a combination of training and mentoring, microfinance and banking services thereby changing their lives and the lives of their families permanently.

Cambodia – The Grameen Australia Livestock Training Centre in Siem Reap Cambodia is targeting scavengers on the local dumpsite and poor rural families who struggle to overcome abject poverty.

The Centre is at least doubling the income of trainee farmers thereby changing their lives and the lives of their families permanently.


Bangladesh – The Auto Mechanic Training School and Workshop in Dhaka Bangladesh is targeting the poorest urban and rural youth who are struggling to overcome abject poverty. The School and Workshop will provide international quality training to ensure the youth have marketable skills to generate fair and secure income thereby changing their lives permanently.