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Grameen Australia
For just 3 coffees a week ($11), Your Heroic Donation will pay for 1 village farmer family like Ms. Salat and her h… https://t.co/s5zqJb4Rv1

Feb 11th

Grameen Australia
Our Crowdfunded plot of land for our chicken layer farm is beautiful and OURS! Click the link to read what we are… https://t.co/mJe76MaeRN

Feb 5th

Grameen Gazette #25



Like many of our borrowers, Juanita runs multiple businesses to generate enough income to support her family. Her small store serves as the outlet for her mixed business, and office for both her rag making and school food supply business


Your End of Financial Year Tax Deduction could fund a loan for another woman like Juanita – just $100 is enough to start a business that will ensure a family’s life is changed permanently.

Our borrowers are now able to send their children to school, fund their health needs, purchase nutritious food and live in a safe and secure home

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