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Grameen Australia
For just 3 coffees a week ($11), Your Heroic Donation will pay for 1 village farmer family like Ms. Salat and her h… https://t.co/s5zqJb4Rv1

Feb 11th

Grameen Australia
Our Crowdfunded plot of land for our chicken layer farm is beautiful and OURS! Click the link to read what we are… https://t.co/mJe76MaeRN

Feb 5th

Grameen Australia in Cambodia

PhotoChickenFarmThe Grameen Australia Livestock Training Centre in Siem Reap Cambodia is targeting scavengers on the local dumpsite and poor rural families who struggle to overcome abject poverty.

The Centre is at least doubling the income of trainee farmers thereby changing their lives and the lives of their families permanently.

Livestock Training Centre, Siem Reap