The Power of Purpose

Perhaps instead of asking yourself, “What do I want to be when I grow up?” and pegging your identity to a job, why don’t you instead ask a higher order question: 

Who do I want to be when I grow up?” How will I express my talents and character through the choices I make in my life?

How can I play a role in building the kind of world I want to live in, instead of just surviving in the world I inherited?

~ Katrina Dunn

Jame Thompson is a Scotch College student who attended the TedxYouth event. Below is his perspective on how the event ignited a passion for social business. 

The [email protected] event was held in light of the hope to inspire the drive for others to find their purpose. On the day we had 7 different speakers all with varied takes on purpose and how they have made their journey so far. As soon as I was given the speaker list, I did some background work to find out who each of the speakers were and what it is they do.

When I first heard about what Kat does and her role in Grameen Australia I was enthusiastic to hear her speech and get to know her. On the day of the event, I was blown away by the astounding experiences and journeys that each of the speakers have taken to get where they are now. Kat’s journey was one that really blew me away, she described her past the way I used to see my future. Her achievements were exactly what I wanted to do later in life and to hear her talk so passionately about the importance of social business over the status quo was something that I could appreciate. Her speech ignited a desire in both my head and heart that had lately been suppressed.

To me, Kat’s speech was both understandable and desirable for my future. Her explanation of social business and how it has helped so many people allowed the audience to gain an understanding of its importance. Since the event, not only have I turned my direction towards starting a social business but I can now understand and recognise the current issues with traditional business.

To me professor Yunus has created the new way for businesses, times change and as a result people have to adapt.