“I always felt amazed at the limitless power of sport. It is powerful because it is basic to human nature. Where there is power there is always a chance to make a meaningful difference in people’s lives”

– Professor Muhammad Yunus.

You may question, how is social business, a term often paired with ‘microfinance and loans’ aligned with community and global scale sport?

Sport generates human connection, it transcends beyond barriers of language, demographic divide and race, inciting understanding and unity. Social business functions to solve a social problem, ranging anywhere from unemployment to racial inequality. When you combine these parties, it is clear that one compliments the other.

Through a pioneering movement initiated by Professor Muhammad Yunus the collaboration of sport and social business has become a powerful mechanism for driving social change in communities and on a global scale. 

The Yunus Sports Hub, an institution dedicated to solving human challenges through sport, remarks that “Sport has the power to change the world, and social business is the key to unleashing that power”.

Their approach is founded in problem solving, firstly they identify a challenge facing athletes and sport communities in a region.  They then connect a diverse range of experts, from sport coaches to policy makers and engineers to implement a sustainable project which aids to address and overcome social issues. The Yunus Sports Hub also inspires athletes and organisations to start up social business initiatives.

Most outstandingly, the Yunus Sports Hub was founded in 2018 after a successful collaboration with the Paris 2024 Olympics Committee. The project, ‘Impact 2024’ works to ensure the social inclusiveness and environmental sustainability of the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games. The first step identified of this project will be to generate 250 000 jobs from the Games, 10% of which will come within enterprises providing jobs for the unemployed. Secondly, 25% of financially turnover created by the Games should be made by local and social businesses.

Through the power of social business, we can leverage sport initiatives to solve social challenges and overcome systemic barriers which divide us.